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We perform installations for a couple of other companies, the largest being “Off-grid energy Australia”, who we may refer you to depending on your needs. However if the job is within our travel radius and scope of works why not deal directly with the installers. Battery power stand alone Solar systems, working in conjunction with a generator, or grid powered battery charger (if you want to be off grid and only use the grid as a back up) is always a great project for us. We are finding that in some cases it is more cost effective to get an Off Grid System, than to have Energex or Ergon run mains to some locations.   It would be our delight to work with you on a renewable energy system for your home or work station. Please send us an enquiry and we can see if we can meet your needs.

Below are some photos of some larger installs we have done for “Off-grid Energy Australia” that we are really proud of.


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