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All Brisbane Electrical is a small family owned and operated business. Shaun is a second-generation Electrician, following the family trade and beginning his own business after a decade of working for his father. All Brisbane Electrical is dedicated to providing excellent service, high quality products, backed by professional knowledge and full certification in Electrical Services, Solar Installation and Maintenance and Air Conditioning.

All our jobs are carefully thought out and performed to the best of our ability with customer service as our top priority. We are always growing in our understanding and knowledge and enjoy seeing our opportunities and client base grow as we value and build on the foundation we already have. Renewable energy is on the increase in our nation and we at All Brisbane Electrical are right at the forefront of it. As preferred installers for a few Renewable Energy customers we get to deliver the goods and then build it with our own hands, while learning what works and what doesn’t.


Although we install for other high-end companies, we always enjoy handling a Solar Job, whether “grid” or “off-grid”, from start to finish ourselves, with face-to-face customer service the whole way. We think it is best for the client to deal directly with the installers for a complete package with full certainty that it is in good hands from design, to supply, to install, with the ever so valuable future support. Construction is also a big part of who we are and what we do. Good old school Electrical work, which is everything from pulling cables, cutting holes and fitting off.

We have a handful of great builders who we love working for as each is different to the other and keeps us on our feet to please and deliver their required unique package. We consider our builders as our top clients and intend to keep it that way. All Brisbane Electrical is also proud to be a part of Australian Apprenticeships, equipping apprentices in the Electrical industry, passing on knowledge and skills to young Australians. We believe this is a worthwhile endeavour and currently employ two apprentice’s with plans to extend in the future.

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